our free write

our free write

Once upon a time  there was a class that loved to do math.They even needed harder math problems.Everyone was so happy in that school even when the teachers were mad.  Their teacher gave them a math pepblom and they got it right. Their teacher was so impressed. But one day their teacher gave them a math poblome it was, 10 x 10 = ____. They couldn’t figure it out. What could they do?

Questions for the butterfly expert

Questions for the butterfly expert

What is your favorite butterfly?

What are butterflies favorite nectar?

What kind of butterflies are threre?

Where do butterflys come from?

How do butterfly’s learn to fly?

Where do butterfly’s like?

What do butterflys like?

How to butterfly live?

How do butterfly’s eat?

How do butterflys get a cresalest?

How do butterflys grow?

How do butterflys get in love?

Do butterfly’s like bugs?

What do kind of nectar to they like?

How menny kind of butterfly’s are  there?

Where do butterflys go in the winter?

What flawers do they like?

Do buterflys have brans?

What are the butterfly’s names?

How do butterflys like flawers?

Are butterflys strong?

Do they have feelings?

Are some butterfly’s evil?



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